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About H+H

Developed by Lightplay, an award-winning creator of tabletop and digital games, Hipsters + Hamsters combines easy-to-learn gameplay with fast-paced strategic decision making, making it a great choice for game groups, parties, or family game night.


To begin the game, each player is dealt four cards. In a unique twist, players can win the game in either of two, equally balanced character styles:

Hipsters shun material accumulation (other than coffee and beard-related grooming products). You win as a Hipster by having no cards in your hand at the end of your turn.

Hamsters are born hoarders, with built-in cheeky storage units. You win as a Hamster by having eight (or more) cards in your hand at the end of your turn.

Despite being easy to learn and quick to play, Hipsters + Hamsters offers strategic decision making at every turn, as having the ability to win in either of two character styles lets you to react on-the-fly to card draws and opponent actions.

In the Basic game, players do not declare which character style (Hipster or Hamster) they are playing as and can switch between styles at any time, as many times as they wish.

Card Types

You begin each turn by drawing a card, and end each turn by playing a card. All in-game action is dictated by the four card types:

Object cards serve as simple discards. No action is taken when an Object card is played. If a player has more than one of the same Object card (e.g. two Chew Toys), they may discard one or both on their turn.

Action cards trigger the action shown on the card when played. These actions help players eliminate (Hipster), or accumulate (Hamster), cards in their hand.

CALAMITY! cards can be played at the start of an opponent’s turn. Only one CALAMITY! card can be played at a time, so move fast! Playing a CALAMITY! card forces your opponent to take the action on the CALAMITY! card before starting their turn.

CALAMITY! and COMEBACK cards ensure minimal downtime, as every player has the potential to be engaged on every play of the game.

COMEBACK cards can be played on CALAMITY! cards (whether played on you, or an opponent). Only one COMEBACK card can be played at a time, and it becomes the turn of the person playing the COMEBACK card. Depending on the COMEBACK, you will either ignore the action on the CALAMITY! card, or redirect it towards you, before starting your turn.

CALAMITY! and COMEBACK cards ensure minimal downtime, as every player has the potential to be engaged on every play of the game.


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Watch as Hipsters and Hamsters creator Rick Lucas gives a brief gameplay overview. Cute images of hamsters are prominently featured. No cute images of Mr. Lucas are featured, prominently or otherwise.


What They're
Saying About H+H

"Thank you for such a fun game!"

"Great game...truly amazing. WOW!"

"Flat out fun...eminently enjoyable."

"Loved the game. Very addictive, very fun."

"Really enjoyed playing this game."

"This game...is absolutely fun."

2-6 players
as individuals or teams

Playable by
ages 7 and up

Average game length
is 10-15 minutes

Three variants
Advanced, Team Play, and Two-Player

Pizzas consumed
while playtesting

Game Variants

In addition to the Basic game, Hipsters + Hamsters features three robust game variants: Advanced, Team Play, and Two-Player.


The Advanced game variant is played in rounds, with each player declaring in advance which character style (Hipster or Hamster) they will play as. Players may still switch between styles and can end the round playing as either style. However, ending the round as your declared character style awards twice as many points (20 points versus 10). The first player to reach 50 points wins the game.

Team Play

The Team Play variant is for 4 or 6 players. In Team Play, each player declares which character style they will be playing as. Teammates do not need to play as the same style and can, in fact, benefit from playing as different styles. Team Play uses the Advanced rules, but with the added strategic consideration of using CALAMITY! and COMEBACK cards to protect teammates and improve their hand.


The Two-Player variant can be played using either the Basic or Advanced ruleset. To adapt the game for two-player use, simply remove the four “Take the action” COMEBACK cards from the deck before starting play. All other game rules remain in force.



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Hipsters + Hamsters was funded via a highly successful Kickstarter campaign. Exceeding its funding goal by more than 200%, the campaign drew enthusiastic backers from nearly every U.S. state and 17 countries around the world.

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The mass-market edition of Hipsters + Hamsters is currently in development, and the process of securing agreements with key retailers is underway. A retail rollout is expected in the near future.

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Stay up to date with the latest news and information concerning mass-market availability, including the retail rollout schedule and locations, by following Lightplay on Facebook or Instagram.

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